Why do we offer Managed Coconut Plantations?

SIMPLE! XAGRO needs access to more coconuts than we can afford to plant on our own. By making this opportunity available to investors, we both profit. XAGRO has existing clients in the USA, Canada, Italy, Dominican Republic, Columbia, and other countries. The demand for our processed coconuts far exceeds our current supply.

XAGRO will plant new coconut palms on your land and care for them. During the first 2 years if a palm dies, we will replant it. We will provide you with maps detailing the plantation. New palms will spend up to 9 months in our nursery before they are transferred for planting in your plantation. During this time, your land is undergoing soil preparation and mapping to assure proper planting.

We do not charge a fee for our management services, instead we enter into a simple agreement that states that you will sell us your coconuts at farm gate prices, less the cost of harvesting. Farm Gate pricing refers to the price that processors pay to farmers for coconuts at the farm gate and is published by index Mundi, and others. If farm gate pricing can not be established, then Fair Trade coconut pricing for Nicaragua will be used.

Depending on which variety you choose for us to plant on your land, production will normally start within 4 - 5 years. However, some varieties take as long as 8 years to become productive, These varieties are highly desirable and often bring a premium price which makes them an attractive investment. Coconut palms will be productive for 40 – 60 years, again depending on the variety. When they reach the end of there productive life cycle, we can harvest the palm, and plant new ones. This process can be spaced out over several years so that you always have production from your plantation.

XAGRO will maintain accurate records of production using forestry software. Our palm specialists will regularly visit your plantation to assure that your palms are growing healthy. If care is required, we provide it.

XAGRO will also obtain US FDA Organic certification for your plantation at no cost to you for our services. You will however need to pay the filing and certification fees charged by US FDA, if any.

Its your land so you can sell it if you want to. XAGRO can assist you in finding a buyer, or possibly buy your land for its own.

If you want to insure your land there are companies that specialize in forestry projects. Please contact them directly.

If you want to come to Nicaragua and visit your land, please schedule with us if you need an escort. It is recommended but not required that a representative from XAGRO accompany you.

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Contact us: info@xagrosa.com for more information.
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