Highlights - Invest in your own Coconut Plantation

This is a fee–simple real estate transaction

2 deeded hectare with +/- 410 palms, the property is in your name

Depending on the variety 85 – 150 nuts per palm per year

410 palms x 120 nuts equals 49,200 nuts per year

at 17.5 cents farm gate price you would receive $8,610.00 gross income per year

You invest $32,750 (Phase 1 Pricing)

We plant and your palms produce for 40-60 years

Total $338,635.00 estimated net income over the 40 year life

Plus your land value has appreciated

Then you (we) can replant and repeat the process

XAGRO will manage your plantation with no management fees (conditions apply. Contact us for details)

XAGRO will agree to purchase 100% of your coconuts at the current market price for the next 50 years

There are some fees involved. Contact our office for complete details including a copy of our Managed Plantation Agreement.

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Contact us: info@xagrosa.com for more information.
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