XAGRO vs Them | What makes us the best choice?

XAGRO was the first company to export full container loads of mature coconuts from Nicaragua and has over 8 years of in Country experience. We are the largest buyer, processor, and exporter of coconuts in Nicaragua and with over 1,000,000 new palms scheduled to be planted we will also be the largest grower. XAGRO is the recognized leader and expert in the coconut trade. We are focused on coconuts, not papayas. We offer managed coconut plantations because we need more coconuts. Not because we want to sell you real-estate.

They have no real life experience, no knowledge of harvesting, processing, or exporting coconuts. They plan to learn later. They are not focused but rather offer whatever seems to be a hot play no matter where or what it is.


XAGRO plants on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua where coconuts grow naturally without heavy inputs.

They plant on the Pacific side of Nicaragua and MUST irrigate and fertilize to force growth.

Why did they choose the Pacific side of Nicaragua if they know that the conditions are not right for a natural and healthy plantation? The reason is that tourists love the pacific area and San Juan del Sur is a tourist attraction. So when you visit their operation, everything is close and is designed for tourists. In brief, it shows well... The Caribbean side of Nicaragua does not see many tourists and everything is remote. In fact some of our best producing plantations are a 7 hour boat ride from the nearest hotel. Plus the Caribbean gets rain. But that means that we, and our clients, do not need to install and maintain multi-million dollar non sustainable irrigation systems. We prefer to let mother nature do her job in her Eco-friendly way.


XAGRO has deep knowledge of the different varieties of coconut palms that grow here in Nicaragua and what market each of them is best suited for. Some varieties start producing nuts in 3-5 years and others not until 8 – 10 years. But that should not be the only reason for selecting the variety to plant.

They only see coconuts on tour day when they buy whatever is available in the local market to show off to potential clients. Ask them which variety they are planting and why.


XAGRO uses real 'Farm Gate' pricing numbers obtained from our everyday market experience.

They sell you grossly inflated numbers based on their marketing plan and management fees.


XAGRO offers 5 acres for $42,500.00 and no management fees ever. We plant 82 palms per acre.

They offer 6 acres for $100,000 plus management fees. With 100 palms per acre, they are over planting which will reduce production. Something that you only learn from years of experience.

Why are we so much less expensive. Simple, first land in the Caribbean area is less expensive than land on the tourist side of the Country. Second, we do not need to install, maintain, and pay the monthly power bill for an expensive irrigation system. Mother nature provides regular watering. Thirdly, Possibly most important, we are already in the coconut business and have existing operations, processes, and clients. We are not new to managing coconut plantations, harvesting coconuts and marketing coconut products. We simply need more coconuts, more coconuts than we can afford to plant on our own.


XAGRO is a leading agriculture company based in Nicaragua. We have market experience, a growing list of buyers, a knowledgeable export department and operate a US FDA registered processing plant.

Planting coconut palms and commercializing the products is not a new idea or marketing dream for us. Coconuts are an everyday part of our operations and have been since 2010.

"Money grows on trees, but you make daily withdrawals from Palms"

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