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XAGRO s.a. is a grower, packer, and exporter of fresh and processed tropical roots, tropical fruits, and coconuts grown in the fertile soils of Nicaragua. Our products are sold to importers, institutional buyers, food manufactures, and large grocery chains throughout the world. Headquartered in Nueva Guinea, South Caribbean Autonomous Region, (RACCS) Nicaragua. If you demand the best contact us today! XAGRO can private label or use our brands.

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XAGRO specializes in exporting dry coconuts, sometimes referred to as mature coconuts, under our brand name "Caribbean Coconuts". Coconuts come from our plantations along the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and are well husked, well shaped, with a very fine appearance and fairly thick meat. Each nut is hand inspected, cleaned, washed, disinfected, and allowed to dry before final packing.

XAGRO also offers fermented breadfruit and fermented cassava to bakeries and food processors. Fermented foods are in high demand and XAGRO can supply you year-around from Central America.

XAGRO offers fresh frozen coconut meat and frozen cassava. Both are available in chunks or shreds and can be private labeled or use our brand "Roxana's Tropical Harvest".