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XAGRO is a manufacturer of Plantain Tostones

Plantain Tostones


Hand crafted traditional Puerto Rican style plantain tostones manufactured and packaged according to your specifications. Traditional tostones hand crafted from green plantain. Our difference is that we fry in 100% pure USA corn oil and IQF before packing. Your customers will see and taste the difference.

Puerto Rican style green Plantain Tostones, also known as Patacones or twice-fried plantain are a staple commonly found in Latin American cuisine and Caribbean cuisine. We make it quick and easy for your kitchen to serve plantain tostones. Just open the bag, fry for 2 or 3 minutes to get hot and serve. We did the hard prep work for you. No wasted product. No wasted time. No overripe fruit in the kitchen. Retail or Food Service packaging is available with your label or ours.