Coconut Products from XAGRO

Caribbean Coconuts from XAGRO

Caribbean Coconuts from XAGRO are well husked, well shaped, with a very fine appearance and fairly thick meat. Each nut is hand inspected, cleaned, washed, disinfected, and allowed to dry before final packing.

Coconut Chunks from XAGRO

Coconuts are random sized and can be cut or broken based on the appearance that you desire. For a premium product, we remove the brown testa layer so you have pure white coconut meat. Coconut chunks from XAGRO are available fresh or frozen custom packed.

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Coconut Photos

Coconut Load

We can floor load 475 sacks in a 20' container or 640 in a 40'. XAGRO is the only FCL exporter of coconuts from Nicaragua.

Green Coconuts

Most people think Coconuts are only green but in reality they are green, yellow, gold, red, and various variants depending on the variety of palm.

Yellow Coconuts

We can pack to meet your exact requirements, including custom printed sacks. Our normal packaging is 40 coconuts per sack weighing +/- 68 pounds.

Gold Coconuts

Different varieties have different color husks. Once a coconut matures they all turn dark coffee looking and are then referred to as a dry or mature coconut.

Dry Coconuts