Coconut Products from XAGRO

Mature Coconuts | Dry Coconuts

Dry coconuts are mature, harvested when they are 11-12 months old. They still have water, 1/2 to 3/4 full, but these coconuts are primarily used for the hard meat or white flesh inside. The meat can be eaten raw in chunks or often it is grated and used on top of cakes or baked ham or a hundred other cooking recipes. It is also good blended and added to your favorite smoothie... The water is not as sweet as a young coconut but don't throw it way... Do something FUN..... make Ice Cubes.

XAGRO exports Caribbean Coconuts direct to your local supermarket ready for you to select and buy.

When selecting a dry coconut, first check the eyes to make sure that they are not leaking or damaged. A leaking eye indicates that the coconut water and meat inside has gone bad. Next give the nut a good shake. You should hear water, no water no purchase, the nut is too old. Remember, only purchase a Caribbean Coconut because only Caribbean Coconuts offers you a 100% money back guarantee. If your not happy, we are not happy.. Plain and simple..

Young Coconuts | Water Coconuts

Water coconuts are harvest while they are young, usually only 5 or 6 month old. That is when the water inside has the highest sugar content so it is nice and sweet. These coconuts will still have the outer thick husk on them because the shell is not thick enough to support them. That is why you see the guy on the beach selling coconuts that have the husk shaved into a cool looking pyramid with a straw stuck in the top. The water is good for you and delicious.. so drink up.

Coconut Chunks | Coconut Shreds | The White Meat

Bakeries and candy bar manufactures need white coconut meat to add to your favorite treat so Caribbean Coconuts removes the hard shell and then grates the thin brown skin off leaving snow white, pure coconut meat. First it is cut into chunks or shredded and then refrigerated, frozen or vacuum packed and sent to food manufactures or the deli down the street. All the goodness of fresh coconut meat without the work. Life is good.

IMPORTANT NOTE: XAGRO does not remove the coconut milk or oils from the coconut meat like 99% of the coconut meat on the market. Ours is a premium product and not left over from oil or milk production. In fact, several of our large coconut meat customers use our meat to manufacture ice cream and milk products.

The jelly like meat from young water coconuts is also packaged and is used by those quality smoothie makers who make those oh so good tasting fresh smoothies, or ice cream.. Coconut Ice Cream...

Coconut Water | Alcoholic Beverages

Xagro does not bottle coconut water. We do something a lot more fun! We custom blend coconut water with alcohol and other ingredients to greate the base for some of the best exoctic adult beverages. Contact us for more information.

Coconut Husks | Coconut Pith | Coir Fiber

Even the coconut husk has a use, in fact many uses. Luxury car seats and beds, rope, floor mats, brooms, and our favorite, planting material. Coconut husks hold 50% more water than plain soil so you conserve water while keeping your plants and vegetable garden happy. Here at Caribbean Coconuts we use the chipped coconut husks in the plantations. But since we cant use them all we also compact the coconut husks into big bales that are sent to manufactures across the world.