Meet Our Team

XAGRO is made up of dedicated and professional employees creating a socially responsible and fully sustainable, successful agribusiness in the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCS) of Nicaragua. The team is comprised of experienced individuals with diversified backgrounds and skills that together positively impact the region economically, socially, and environmentally.

Mirna Maria Gonzalez

Mirna - President

Mirna Maria Gonzalez is the President and Legal Representative of XAGRO. Mirna has her Bachelors degree in Business Management. She has worked with numerous government agencies in Nicaragua and has extensive experience in working with communities and in executing communal projects. Mirna's primary responsibility is government and community relations. She also works with business development and employee relations.

Ronald Ehli

Ronald - CEO

Ronald William Ehli is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of XAGRO. In 2012 he oversaw the creation of the company's Caribbean Coconuts brand and has successfully placed the company as the leading grower, buyer, processor and exporter of coconuts and coconut products in the country. Ron brings his proven expertise in the coconut industry and exporting agricultural products outside of Nicaragua. Ron's primary responsibility is business development, export sales and investor relations.

Exela Carrea

Exela- Food Safety

Exela is responsible for the company's food safety program which includes cGMP, and FSMA. She overseas employee food safety training and maintains company records, polices, and manuals assuring that the company consistently complies with local and foreign food safety laws. Exela has her Masters Degree in Food Safety and regularly participates in seminars and classes to assure that her skills remain current. Exela is also a part time Professor of food science at the University of URACAN in Nueva Guinea.


Jose - Logistics

Jose is responsible for both our domestic logistics and our export logistics. This is no easy task dealing with multiple carriers, in multiple languages, using multiple systems. If you need to know where your container is, Ask Joe..


Daysi- Accounting

Daisy has her Bachelors Degree in Science and arts and is a Licensed Public Accountant and Auditor. Previously she worked for the Alcadia Municipal Nueva Guinea as the assistant controller and treasure. Daysi overseas our accounting departments which includes sales, purchasing, international sales, payroll and taxes.


Dorian- Purchasing

Dorian is responsible for all purchases. It is his department that keeps our offices and plant stocked with the supplies needed for day to day operations.


Roberta - Production

Roberta is responsible for overseeing our complete production facilities which includes over 65 employees and 3 production lines. Roberta is an Industrial engineer with extensive experience. She is well versed in cGMP and understands processes and procedures and is well versed in supervising production and managing employees.


Donald - Agronomist

Donald has his degree in forestry and is an agronomist. If one of our farm suppliers is having an issue Donald is available to make an onsite inspection and give recommendations. Donald also oversea our nursery operations.


Billy - Senior Buyer

Billy is our senior buyer and has been working for XAGRO since 2010. Billy fully understands all of our operations and he can spot a bad coconut from across the river.

Jared in the Jungle

Jarrod - Security

Sometimes out in the jungle it is dangerous. That is why we have Jared, our secret weapon.