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      • a. Email response in minutes not days or weeks.

      • b. Local USA phone numbers for no cost calling.

      • c. Order online or from your smart phone.

      • d. Forms / Documents available online in real time 24x7.

      • e. Experience! XAGRO has been a leading exporter since 2010.


      • a. We hand select every item using sizing tools.

      • b. We pack what you ordered, not what we want to sell.

      • c. We resell our seconds to other packing houses.

      • d. When required, all post harvest chemicals are FDA approved.

      • e. We wash in controlled / monitored water, NOT polluted river water.


      • a. 100% PTI case level compliant.

      • b. cGMP / HACCP / FSMA procedures in place.

      • b. Full product traceability from farm to importer.

      • c. Company GTIN´s assigned to all products.

      • d. Recall testing every 6 months.


      • a. Clean custom boxes / Bags. We are not afraid to pack in white.

      • b. Labels affixed uniformly. You will not be embarrassed.

      • c. Professionally printed labels. Protect your image.

      • d. Scanable bar codes with Voice Pick code. Keep your buyers happy.


      • a. Harvest scheduled to meet order deadline.

      • c. We do not buy and store product waiting for your order.

      • d. Strict control of transport from field to plant.


      • a. We are licensed to Grow, Buy, Process, Pack, and Export.

      • b. We pack what we sell. Our offices are not 350km away.

      • c. We inspect what we sell. Assuring you get what you ordered.

      • d. Quality Control office at each plant. We know what we sell.

      • e. Temperature recorder in every load. Protect your investment.

      • f. Only ISPM 15 packing materials are use. Assured import entry.

      • g. Contract rates with major carriers. Saves you money.

Contact us: info@xagrosa.com for more information.
U.S. Phone: 305-359-4565 - U.S. Fax: 305-890-2927 - Intl Phone: +505 8993-4549



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